Is your friend …

• Unemployed and searching for a job?
• Wanting to find the right someone but hasn’t?
• Trying to get pregnant and having a hard time with it?
• Waiting to hear back from that dream grad school program?

When the thing they have desperately been waiting for…



F̴̲͇̹̪̲O͎̱̹̯O̫̱̯̫̱͍̺͠L̖̞̙͇̖͘I̝S̡͍͍ͅH͈̝͖͞ ̡̜̬̰̝̱̮̯M̛̖̳̤̤̳̠O͎̣̺̥R̲͔̥̩̫̗̳T͕̝A͕͉̻̪̳͖̬LS̞̼̱͕̺

Y̨̛̮̤O̳U̝͚̯͓R̮̦ ̧̱̮̟P̲̼̱̝̼̤I͏̹̥̮̘̩T҉͈͙͈̣͈̰̭̲̲̕Ì̭̤̫͡͡F̟̫̕Ụ̢̞̹̦̺͙̰L̩̬ ̘͈͔͟R҉̸҉̝̠̺̮̹̻E̶̢̹A̶͚͍̺̠͎L̷͈͞M̡͍̮̮̜̘̹̗͓͇ ̷̨̲͉͠H҉̹̳͍̭̩̹͡A̭̠̪̻Ş̧̝͚ ̖̯A̷͏̬̝̝̗͖͖͇̪ ̶̥͙̰̖̜̲N͕̣̭͓̖̲͔͉E̜͙͔̪̦̩̼̲͝W͖̣͇͕ ̶̞̼M̤̝̦͔̺̱ͅA҉̧̹̼̲̝͝Ý̺̣̗͖̩̼͔͜O͖͈̜̞̮̹͚͘R͕̱̘ ̛̺̯̹̀Ń̙͖̹̖̪O̷̥͈W̴̢̟̠̩̲̩̰̼͍͝


Anonymous asked:

So why don't feminists shave their armpits and stuff? It's not like MEN force you to do it, and like as a girl it's uncomfortable and holds more sweat and just ew. I don't know if you're braver or just lazier than the average girl

slayboybunny answered:

alright i don’t normally reply to these but im feelin chatty so here goes

first of all,  underarm hair helps ventilate sweat, control odor, and does a great job of keepin moisture away from the skin!! its 10x more physically comfy for me believe it or not!!

now, let’s have a short history lesson here, and keep in mind that we’re talking about westernized white women because in many places and cultures this phenomenon simply does not apply 

moving onward, ladies shaving their armpits didnt really catch on until around the 1920s and this was almost entirely sparked because marketing companies wanted to double the demographic they could sell razors to. to kickstart it, they released this scandalous picture in Harper’s Bazaar in 1915:

which first planted the seed.  at the time, the photo was extremely risque as it was really the first time a womans bare underarm had been shown in American media that wasnt pornographic. the word “underarm” itself was shocking! in a very deliberate move, they’d paired a revolutionary photo with a trend they wished to sell. in 1922 sears released “female” razors and it eventually trickled down to the middle class and the lower class with time, as fashion trends often do. turns out, the war against armpit hair was one of the most successful business campaigns ever!!

wanting to follow in these footsteps, they worked on leg hair. women still didnt begin shaving their legs until around 1943. even those iconic flappers who wore short hemlines still sported fuzzy legs! Daisy Fay Buchanan was probably a furry gal herself.

a part of the hesitation for a woman to shave her legs was that she would appear more promiscuous because the legs are so indicative of the vulva. alas, after WWII, Betty Grable posed for this sexy image: 

and eventually the look went from celebrities to other patriotic girls and then to everyone else. 

what do both have in common you ask???  they were both deliberately manufactured propaganda made by white men for the sole reason of making money by exploiting women. 

im not telling you what you should or should not do with your body and all the hair that grows on it. its ok if shaving makes you feel more feminine or clean. all im saying is that it’s a good idea to analyze why youve been lead to believe a little fuzz is so “ew” to you, and really think about whether it should be. it hasn’t always been this way (in fact it only recently became so) and im here to say it doesnt have to be that way either. take this knowledge and run with it but its ultimately your choice. 

as for me, no, i wouldnt say im braver or lazier than the average girl. i just reject the idea that a bullshit made up westernized whitie can make my decisions for me. and personally, i find my kitten armpits exceptionally cute. 

ill leave you with this my friend: if girls weren’t meant to have body hair then why do girl’s bodies grow hair  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



I’m a guy and I shave my pits soley because they stink more if I don’t. This was super informative tho.




You a pilot? 

No, not yet. But I wanna be one, more than anything.

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